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Creative planning and innovative design sets Christensen Landscape Services apart from many other landscape companies. Christensen Landscape Services is a full service design build landscape company. They offer design services which include full property plans or simple on site consultations for the projects they install. Landscape design is done primarily by Donna Christensen, a graduate of the College of William and Mary and the New York Botanical Gardens School of Landscape Design. Donna meets with clients to discuss their needs and desires. She then creates a plan which often incorporates the use of visual imaging design. Donna usually lays out a hardscape plan for initial review. This incorporates walks, walls, terraces, pools, fencing and any other hard elements. Once the hard elements are finalized a planting plan is generated. Donna frequently uses the Horticopia software program to create pages of information about plant material to be used in the planting phase of the project. Donna works with clients to address their level of garden maintenance expectations and involvement. Availablity of sun, shade and water are considered. Also, many clients enjoy adding plant material which provides food and/or shelter for butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife. Overall, Donna Christensen and Christensen Landscape Services take pride in designing projects which focus on the use of natural materials and layered, complicated planting design.

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